Did you know that by introducing potential career options early, you are setting your kids up for future success? Research shows that by simply showing your children their potential options and giving them opportunities to understand these fields it can motivate them to not only set goals, but also achieve them.

So how do you facilitate these types of experiences?

Good newsCovenant Children's Hospital has created a summer camp that provides kids with the chance to explore fifteen different career paths in the healthcare fields. Covenant Ready is a program tailor-made for incoming middle school students and it's completely free.

Terri Morris, the program manager for talent pipeline at Covenant Health, wants kids and parents to know that the healthcare field does not just encompass doctors and nurses. The opportunities are endless, and choosing a path in medicine can open doors that you may not even know existed.

This four-hour, one-day camp will go from 8 a.m. to noon and on June 21st, June 23rd, July 12th and July 14th, 2022. During this window, kids will get hands on opportunities to learn about different fields and they will get to interact with professionals and ask questions about the various careers.

Morris noted that the day will start with educational games and activities in Maxey Park. "We're going to have the Lubbock Police Department, the fire department, Covenant EMS, Aerocare, and the 5-5-5 with Mark Hill," she said. "We're also going to have a ton of our nursing units out there, infection prevention, and the kids will also get to see Covenant's new helicopter."

As temperatures start to heat up, the camp will move inside to explore Covenant Children's many facilities and the career options that the healthcare field has to offer.

"We're going to start in our ER and they'll get to see the trauma bay and we're going to have different scenarios set up in there. Then, we will to advance through different areas like radiology where they can see different X rays and the lab where they're going to actually get to see blood products, how they look under the microscope, and we tie in some infectious disease stuff," Morris stated. "Covenant School of Nursing has its own simulation lab on the fifth floor Children's Hospital and there will be nine different stations set up as well. [They can see] respiratory therapies where we have pig lungs on ventilators. [This will allow them to] actually see how the ventilator works and get to touch it, feel it, and watch it. There's also going to be an IV start with distraction techniques. You name it, and it's going to be going in that day."

Credit: Covenant Children's Hospital

This is a great opportunity for kids to learn about STEM careers and educational resources here in Lubbock. If you would like to sign your kids up for the first session, the cutoff is Monday, June 20th, so make sure to sign up quickly.

Each session has space for 60 kids and is completely free. They will even get t-shirts, swag bags, snacks and water. Just scan the QR code shown above or visit this link. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out at: (806) 725-0696.

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