It's been a rumor fo some time, but now it's official: Seth Meyers will replace Jimmy Fallon as the host of NBC's 'Late Night' next year.

A veteran of twelve seasons of SNL (including eight years as the show's head writer), Meyers will be familiar to many television fans as the longtime host of Weekend Update. Like Jimmy Fallon before him, his time spent hosting a fictional news report on a sketch comedy show has put him in the position of taking over one of late night TV's most popular programs. Also like Jimmy Fallon before him, Meyers has a long and healthy relationship with SNL/'Late Night' producer, Lorne Michaels, which certainly helped.

In an official statement, NBC entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt described why he was selected:

“We think Seth is one of the brightest, most insightful comedy writers and performers of his generation. His years at SNL‘s Weekend Update desk, not to mention being head writer of the show for many seasons, helped him hone a topical brand of comedy that is perfect for the Late Night franchise.”

Meyers will be the fourth host of 'Late Night,' following in the footsteps of David Letterman, Conan O'Brien and Fallon. Naturally, Meyers addressed the news with a joke:

“I only have to work for Lorne for five more years before I pay him back for the time I totaled his car. 12:30 on NBC has long been incredible real estate. I hope I can do it justice.”

As Meyers slides into the 'Late Night' chair, Fallon will step up to 'The Tonight Show,' where he'll replace the current host/immortal warlock, Jay Leno. We don't know where Leno will go next, but we hope Fallon hires a bodyguard (and Meyers and O'Brien better watch out too, just in case it turns into a spree).

SNL used to be a factory that transformed performers into movie stars and now it seems to be churning out talk show hosts! What do you think? Is Meyers a good fit for 'Late Night'?

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