In Texas, we have lots of nifty little names of towns, counties and other locations that just make you want to smile. We also have several names that people generally don't catch onto very quickly. There's Bexar (pronounced BEAR). There's Mexia (pronounced Muh - HAY - Uh). Shoot, even trying to pronounce Nacogdoches throws people from other parts of the country for a loop.

Have you ever taken the time to look up Texas town (or at least community) names before? It's actually pretty entertaining. Below, I've listed some of the names that come to the front of my mind, either because they made me smile, or made me do a double-take out of curiosity.

Check It Out: Funny Texas Town Names

And there you have it.

These are just seven out of the hundreds of different town names that we have in Texas. These are just a few that come to mind. There are others, sure. I mean, we have Sunny Side, Cheapside, Dime Box, Old Dime Box...the list could go on and on.

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What are some of the ones that you think of when you think of unique Texas town names? Were any of them mentioned above? Or, are they different? Drop them in the comment section below!

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