There are probably people out there who know EVERYTHING about "Saved By the Bell".  And I'm sure they LOVE sharing that knowledge...since really, what other use is there for it?

But not everyone is lucky enough to have a "Saved By the Bell" expert in their lives, so here are seven interesting facts about the show that you may not have known:

1.  "Saved By the Bell" was almost called "When the Bell Rings", and it was originally a spin-off of the show, "Good Morning, Miss Bliss". Of course, if you're familiar with that already knew that.

2.  Dustin Diamond almost wasn't Screech. The show's creator didn't realize he was only 12 when he was cast, and he wouldn't have gotten the gig if the guy knew his actual age.

3.  Zack and Screech are the only two characters to appear in EVERY single episode of the original show. And Screech is the only character also in every spin-off of the show.

4.  When the characters graduated from high school, the actors' real-life ages were:  Mark-Paul Gosselaar, 19...Mario Lopez, 20...Elizabeth Berkley, 21...Tiffani Thiessen, 19...Lark Voorhies, 19...and Dustin Diamond, 16.

5.  Every main character has either dated or gone on a date with each other...except Lisa and Slater.

6.  During the entire run of "Saved By the Bell" we never ONCE see the outside of the school.

7.  The show was nominated for ONE Daytime Emmy...for "Outstanding Achievement in Lighting." Sadly, it lost out to the Disney Channel show "Kids Incorporated"(Which, I'll begrudgingly admit, had some DANG FINE lighting.) (???)

By the way, an official teaser for Lifetime's upcoming movie, "Saved By the Bell: The Unauthorized Story", has hit the Internet. But check your expectations at the door. It premieres on Labor Day.

(For more interesting facts about "Saved By the Bell", hit up this link.)

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