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You should already know that shooting off fireworks inside the city limits of Lubbock is illegal. If you didn't know that, you should read my piece from yesterday where the City of Lubbock warned about the dangers of setting off fireworks in Lubbock.

Again, it's illegal to set off fireworks in Lubbock. Doing so could lead to dogs being scared, veterans having a really, really bad night, and your neighbors hating you. It could also lead to fires and fines.

Because of that, many people decide to head outside the city limits a set off fireworks there. The good news? It's legal, but you really should have the landowners permission. In the real world, we know that a lot of people just go out towards Buffalo Springs Lake or head in which ever direction they want to blow up stuff and celebrate Independence Day.

If that's you just remember this. The landowner probably doesn't want you out there. Also, don't shoot fireworks at livestock, we really shouldn't have to say this, but I've heard stories. Also, don't catch anything on fire. Even though we have had rain lately doesn't mean you can catch stuff on fire. And finally, clean up your mess.

Every year on my show I hear from farmers and ranchers about all the trash left behind by people shooting off fireworks. I know picking up trash isn't fun but remember, you are basically blowing stuff up on the side of the road on land someone else uses. Be a good neighbor and a good person. Clean up after yourself.

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