If you watch or listen to sports talk anywhere in the country, you've likely seen or heard this clip from Eric Kelly of KLBK today. It was on SportsCenter, Sports Illustrated, The Herd, you name it. Why? Because the irony of Kliff Kingsbury's statement from October juxtaposed against his current predicament is absolutely incredible.

Take a listen:

That's right: Back in October, Kliff Kingsbury, as the Texas Tech head coach, said he would draft Kyler Murray as the number one overall pick in the NFL Draft. Now, Kingsbury, as head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, can do just that.

Forget the absurdity of Kingsbury believing he'd have the opportunity to make his statement come true. Kyler Murray declaring for the NFL Draft means that it's possible.

Kingsbury just got to Arizona this week, and now, in his third day on the job, the media firestorm is fixated on the draft and his hot girlfriend.

It's not ideal for the idea to planted that Kingsbury already wants to move on from Josh Rosen, but it's not just a fantasy. Adam Schefter was on ESPN this morning dreaming up a scenario where the Cardinals would trade Rosen to the Giants and be left with two top 10 picks.

If we ignore the MLB implications for Kyler Murray, is he a better QB than Josh Rosen? Is Kyler Murray AND a top 10 draft pick a better value than keeping Rosen and the number one overall pick?

Objectively, I think Murray was a better college quarterback. Wouldn't the logic extend that Murray is also a better NFL prospect? Maybe not in the past, but I would argue that with Russell Wilson and Baker Mayfield's success in the last five years, Murray is coming into the league at the exact right time.

Kliff Kingsbury might have the perfect storm on his hands.

Who do you think is the better QB option?

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