Last week, we reported that Shrimp Galley (5109 82nd Suite #9) was closed temporarily for repairs and remodeling. According to signage on the restaurant, we had every reason to believe that was true.

But the rumors persisted, and we decide to investigate further.

We found the listing broker for Lakeridge Plaza, the shopping center that houses Shrimp Galley, along with many other businesses including Drug Emporium, The UPS Store and The Ruffled Cup. Scott Womack with Coldwell Banker Commercial was able to confirm to us that Shrimp Galley will not be reopening.

We don't have any details as to why Shrimp Galley has closed, just that it had been owned by John McVey for the last five years. McVey has been affiliated with the restaurant for 17 years.

I really had hoped they were just remodeling, as Shrimp Galley was a heritage restaurant here in Lubbock. My heart goes out to the entire staff.

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