On Wednesday (October 23rd), the City of Snyder told residents to lock their doors and stay inside because an escaped inmate was on the loose.

According to KTXS 12 News, the inmate was 29-year-old Christopher Charles Minor of Abilene, Texas. He allegedly escaped custody in Mitchell County and stole a police truck, which authorities say had armor and weapons inside.

Lubbock's KAMC News reports that Minor was at a hospital in Mitchell County to receive care for a gunshot wound he received back in September when he was shot by a DPS trooper during a high-speed vehicle chase.

Minor was able to steal the police car by prying open the window that separates the front seat from the back seat while the officer was inside the hospital.

Minor drove the vehicle to Snyder and left it in the area of Avenue A and 35th Street. Snyder ISD went on lock-down at the request of the Snyder Police Department, and the City of Snyder told residents to stay indoors.

Police say Minor was taken into custody at about 10:30 a.m. The all-clear was given and Snyder ISD resumed classes.

Minor has been charged with escaping, Criminal Mischief, Burglary of a Habitation, and a misdemeanor striking charge.

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