You know that DirecTV ad where there are TWO versions of Rob Lowe: Regular, super cool Rob Lowe, and "painfully awkward" Rob Lowe?

At one point, painfully awkward Rob is in a public restroom, and says he can't pee with other people in the room. Cool Rob Lowe swoops in and says, quote, "Don't be like THIS me."Well, some people who have trouble PEEING IN PUBLIC in real-life are upset, because they think DirecTV is ostracizing the 7% of Americans who suffer from "shy bladder syndrome."

One dude says, quote, "We don't mind if people have a little fun with it. [But this] portrayal is making it look ridiculous, that [he's] a loser for having a problem. What if he didn't have a leg or an arm?  Are you going to make fun of that?"

They've asked DirecTV to stop airing the ads, but that won't be happening. A spokesman says the ads will continue, and that these people need to lighten up.

(So far, DirecTV has not received any protests from the super creepy, the crazy hairy, or the far-less attractive.)

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