Yeah, the picture kinda gives it away...don'cha think?

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The few empty lots that still remain along Milwaukee Avenue are starting to fill up with construction equipment, and one new building had piqued my curiosity over the past few months.

Just north of the UPS Store at 7717 Milwaukee, signs went up yesterday heralding the impending arrival of Chipotle's 4th Lubbock location, along with locations in Kingsgate South, The West End, and on Glenna Goodacre.

Google Maps
Google Maps

A couple of weeks back, I asked the staff at a neighboring business what was being built, and they mentioned that a new Chipotle location was going up. Driving through the area yesterday, I was lucky enough to spot the crew installing the familiar signage, which leads me to speculate that an opening date is imminent.

Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media
Image: Lance Ballance-Townsquare Media

The area is already jam packed with culinary options, including several Mexican choices already. The new Chipotle is also located literally next door to Roberto's Taco Shop (love those carne asada tacos!), which means that burrito connoisseurs will have even more options.

We've talked at length about restaurants that Lubbock is missing, but apparently the need for another Chipotle was too much to pass up. Also, the added traffic is another concern, as Milwaukee Avenue is quickly becoming a nightmare at all hours of the day and night...with people jamming on brakes to turn in on a dime to anyone of 42,000 different restaurant options that jump out at them.

Of course, a little competition is not a bad thing and we all could use more options, right?

I also can't abide by the whole idea of charging extra for guacamole. That's just a weak flex.


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