Humans aren’t the only ones who can’t wait to get their paws on the latest technological wonders.

A new study by SquareTrade reveals pets in American households have damaged more than eight million gadgets to the tune of $3 billion in repairs and replacement fees.Our little furry friends especially like smartphones – they’re the most frequent target, resulting in one-third of all broken devices.

Even worse is the fact that 75% of all units that get messed up are not insured, which means owners are shelling out even more to get them to their pre-Fido destroyed condition.

Here are some other facts you may want to keep in mind the next time you go shopping for a new tablet or mull over splurging on the newest iPhone:

  • Two-thirds of all accidents are the result of an animal putting a gadget in their mouth
  • 21% of accidents take place while the owner used the item
  • Roughly one-in-six cat and dog owners claim their animals have thrown up on their contraptions or, worse, used it as a toilet
  • Male pets are 50% more likely to wreak havoc on your merchandise than a female
  • 17% of pet owners say their animals intentionally ruined a device because they were mad at their owner
  • It might be time to bust out the diet food because overweight pets are 72% more likely to cause damage than those whose weight are normal

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