There's always been a great debate on if there are such things as ghosts, spirits, apparitions or haunted places. A majority of America tend to believe in them while others claim there are no such things. The real question is though; if ghosts do exist, are there any in Lubbock? We dove into this subject and did some research on suspected haunted places here in Lubbock. From murders to suicides and unknown oddities, more than a few places are rumored to be haunted. We can never know for sure if they are or not, but maybe we'll get Landon to spend the nights in a few of these places. Here are 5 places we chose for our list of suspected haunted sites in Lubbock. Somebody call the Ghostbusters!

  • Scott Olson, Getty Images
    Scott Olson, Getty Images

    Lubbock International Airport

    Rumor has it that are two different apparitions that haunt the Lubbock International Airport. One is that there is a ghost the resides in the parking attendant booths. It was said that a worker was killed there many years ago and still shows up to work. No word on if it's true or not but that's one place I wouldn't want to work. The other at the airport supposedly roams the parking garage. It's said to be a less friendly entity so beware!

  • Wikipedia

    Lubbock High School

    We don't have much information in the way of this one but several people have stated that they suspect there to be a ghost that haunts the school's elevator and the tower. We don't know if it's the same spirit that haunts both but stick to the stairs and away from the tower. This is one we are ready to experience first hand though. Can't you see Landon already wearing the Ghostbusters' outfit?

  • O.L. Slaton
    O.L. Slaton

    O.L. Slaton Middle School

    This is one theatrical ghost. There supposedly is a spirit that roams the theater department at O.L. Slaton. It is said to mess with the lights, shake the stairs and mess with the students. The back story on the ghost is unknown to us but it's said that past teacher could be the trouble maker. Have any parents had their kids say anything about this?

  • Google Maps
    Google Maps

    Pioneer Hotel

    A ghost was once said to walk the halls and knock on doors. Some also went on record to say they heard a ball bouncing or child playing when no one was around. The child is said to be a girl and was apparently not mean in anyway. We can't tell you yes or no on this one because the hotel is currently being renovated. No one is allowed in or out unless you work there. We'll have to ask some of the workers what they know.

  • Jaredkuper, Flickr
    Jaredkuper, Flickr

    Texas Tech Biology Building

    Many places on the campus of Texas Tech are said to be haunted. We could probably do a top 5 list just for the campus but the one story that stuck out the most involved the Biology building. The story goes like this. A grad student was said to have committed suicide by jumping off the Biology building after getting a dear John letter from his girlfriend. It's said to be seen during the Carol of Lights as a tall black shadow standing near crowds. It's mostly seen during the Carol of Lights, but some have said to see it year round. Tech could turn out to be the most haunted place in Lubbock but the Biology building may be a place to steer clear of. We also heard rumors of something in underground tunnels. Stay tuned for that one.

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