If you bought tickets to SXSW, looks like you will not be getting your money back.

Usually when an event cancels, you expect one of  two things. Your money back or your ticket can be used at a future date. Looks like SXSW will only allow you to use this year's ticket at a future date. They say they will not be refunding money for this year's event.

SXSW organizers will allow those who bought a badge for the 2020 event to switch their purchase to a future year. An email from SXSW to people who had registered for the 2020 festival told them they could "opt to defer their registration to 2021, 2022 or 2023." Expect more information from the festival organizers in the coming days and weeks about that process.

The insurance policy for SXSW does not cover cancellation due to a virus, so they do not have to give refunds. Also, it looks like they have a strict no refund policy on their website. "Any and all payments made to SXSW are not refundable for any reason, including, without limitation, failure to use Credentials due to illness, acts of God, travel-related problems, acts of terrorism, loss of employment and/or duplicate purchases."

It also looks like SXSW is "exploring options to reschedule the event and are working to provide a virtual SXSW online experience as soon as possible for 2020 participants." That is what their original statement said during the cancellation this past Friday. If you were expecting to get your money back, looks like that is not happening.

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