Not a lot of modern hip-hop fans know Sylvia Robinson's name, but 30 years ago, she helped start the ball rolling to make hip-hop what it is today. She's been called the "Mother of Hip-Hop." And sadly, she passed away yesterday morning at age 75.

Robinson first appeared on the track 'Love is Strange' byMickey & Sylvia:

You may remember that that song was introduced to a whole new generation when it was included on the soundtrack to 'Dirty Dancing'.

She also had a solo hit with the song 'Pillow Talk':

In 1979, she and her husband co-founded Sugar Hill Records. They put out the first albums from Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five and several other rap pioneers.

She also recruited the guys who formed the Sugar Hill Gang and had them rap over a sample of the Chic song "Good Times" which, of course, turned out to be "Rapper's Delight" and was the first mainstream hip-hop hit.

Here's that song:

--Sylvia died in Englewood, New Jersey yesterday morning of congestive heart failure.