Dog Shoots Texas Man
You read the headline right. Earlier this week in Plano, Texas, a gun-owner was enjoying some good human/dog play time when he was accidentally "shot" by his dog
These Are Approved Drugs For Dogs
This meme isn't new. But I saw it for the first time recently. And it was on a friend's Facebook page, who is dating a veterinarian. They gave the ok so I'm going for it. Here are some people drugs that are ok for dogs too.
Someone in Crosby County Thought This Was OK
There are three types of abuse that make my blood boil: Child, elder and animal.
KFYO’s news director sent me a post today that really set me off. It was put up by Animal Rescue of Crosby County. Take a look at it below.
Credit: Facebook/Animal Rescue of Crosby County
To say I was livid…

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