Three Reasons You Shouldn’t Take Those Anti-Radiation Pills
Ever since they announced that small amounts of radiation from Japan's damaged nuclear plant might hit the U.S., Americans have been stocking up on potassium iodide pills, which are the only treatment available for radiation exposure. See the next page for three reasons it's a bad idea to …
Before and After the Japanese Earthquake [PICS]
You have to check out a new photo gallery from ABC News. They took satellite photos of the exact same areas of Japan from before and after the tsunami and set it up so you can compare the two by dragging your mouse over each one. Get more info on the next page.
Gilbert Gottfried Got Fired As the Voice of the Aflac Duck
As the voice of the Aflac insurance duck, Gilbert Gottfried had one of the sweetest gigs in showbiz. All he had to do was show up to a recording studio every once in a while and shout "Aflac!" into a microphone a few times. And it probably paid him more money than any job he ever had. With…

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