Joyland Closes Due to Insane Flooding
Joyland was drenched in Monday's storms.
I don't know about your neighborhood, but North Lubbock was stomped by Monday night's rainstorms. I personally have never had as much water flood into my front porch and garage area as I did that night...
Getting Concert Tickets Has Gotten Weird
I'm just joking, because ticketing around here has gotten nutty.
Finding tickets has gotten tougher lately. With new venues, emerging promoters and shows coming back, it can be tough to figure out where to get your tickets.
Shows at the United Supermarkets Arena and the Lubbock Civic Ce…
Oh Great, Now the Stomach Flu Is On the Way
This is why we can't have nice things.
People are unmasking, getting out and getting back to behaving like dirty, germ-invested savages again.
New Mexico health officials have put out a warning that they're seeing cases of Norovirus again...
Is Taco Bueno Coming Back to Lubbock?
A recent post on Facebook caught my eye.
Taco Bueno came to Lubbock with big plans, then made a hasty exit. It left a lot of people salty, including myself. I actually composed a post called "Five Mexican fast food places in Lubbock better than Taco Bueno" in response...

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