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Neill Blomkamp Says His ‘Alien’ Sequel Is ‘Totally Dead’
Someday, I hope someone makes a documentary about Neill Blomkamp’s Alien 5. First the project was held up by Ridley Scott, then Blomkamp released concept art that kinda-sorta forced the studio’s hand, then Blomkamp’s Chappie bombed and 20th Century Fox started dragging its heels, and then Scott started saying that the project was never actually anything substantial to begin with. No Alien sequel, no matter how fun, could possibly match the twists and turns of Blomkamp’s real-life struggle to get the film made.
New ‘Alien: Covenant’ Photos Reveal the Neomorph in All Its Gruesome Glory
As promised, the latest chapter in Ridley Scott’s Alien will introduce a new iteration (evolution? variation?) of the classic Xenomorph — the Neomorph. This one is just as terrifying as its sleek predecessors, but unlike those iconic creatures, the Neomorph is leaner and more…limber (so to speak), its body a shade of unnerving white instead of black. Until now, the Neomorph has been only briefly spotted in trailers, but new photos from Alien: Covenant reveal our best (and bloodiest) look yet at the crew’s formidable antagonist.
The ‘Alien: Covenant’ Crew Send Their Regards in Creepy Found-Footage Videos
It wouldn’t be a Ridley Scott movie without a well-timed, ominous viral campaign. Much like the series of short videos starring the crew of The Martian on their space station, Alien: Covenant has come out with two transmissions from the people on that particular doomed ship, intercut with some creepy found footage of their expedition onto a new planet. We all know that no matter how good the intentions of the Covenant crew are, it’s all going to go terribly, terribly wrong, thanks to our Xenomorph friend.
Ridley Scott Says Future ‘Alien’ Prequels ‘Could’ Use CGI to Bring Young Ripley Back
Thanks to the wonders of CGI technology (or “movie magic”), we’ve seen several actors restored to their youthful forms on the big screen — or, in the case of Peter Cushing in last year’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, brought back from the dead (a questionable move, to say the least). Martin Scorsese is planning to digitally de-age Robert De Niro for his long-developing mob drama The Irishman, and now another iconic director is mulling the possibility.