Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds Responds To a Heartbroken Fan Who Photoshopped Him Into Her Prom Photos
At last, a news item that combines the two most universally beloved genres of showbiz reporting: “Celebrities extending kindness to un-famous teens by acknowledging them through the internet” stories and “Ryan Reynolds getting into mischief again!” stories. We live in wondrous times, friends, where a skillful Photoshop job and a moment’s tweetings can get a bona fide movie star into your orbit — and change the trajectory of your life forever.
‘Deadpool’ Is Already Breaking Box Office Records
Tim Miller’s R-rated adaptation of the beloved, foul-mouthed superhero was on track to make $60 million at the box office this weekend, but Deadpool is now expected to top that estimate as it has already begun breaking box office records for February. The Merc With a Mouth’s first solo outing is primed for the biggest R-rated movie opening of all time, as well as the biggest opening for a film released in the month of February.