I'm a huge fan of Target for everything they do for their local communities. And the 15 percent teacher discount on school supplies is just one of them. 

Sadly, teachers, especially in Texas, have to buy many of their own school supplies throughout the year because the state isn't funding them, or paying them, what they need and deserve. So Target is stepping up again this year with a nice discount on all kinds of daily supplies, including:

  • Writing supplies
  • Notebooks, folders & binders
  • Arts & crafts
  • Classroom storage & organization
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Facial tissue
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Food storage bags

Just go to this link and enter your school info and teacher ID, and Target will give you the coupon to save.

Thank you, Target! And thank YOU to all of our teachers. You deserve so much more than you're getting.

(On a side note: Texans should remember that our teachers are underpaid and our schools are underfunded during election time this fall. Make sure you're educated on which candidates for public office are pro-teacher, and which ones keep taking money away from them, our schools, and our children. The reason our teachers have to buy their own supplies is because of the people running the Texas government who keep taking money away, instead of putting more money into an already strapped and poor system. VOTE!)

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