Every year there are a lot of bikes abandoned on the Texas Tech campus. I guess a lot of Tech students are either rich enough to just leave them behind, or dumb enough to forget where they left them. So its bike sale time.

Every year the Transportation and Parking Services Department at Texas Tech collects all the abandoned bikes. And before each fall semester they have a sale for all Tech students and employees. And ALL of the bikes are only $40! Plus Tech throws in a U-Lock to keep your new ride safe so no you can abandon it when you're done. Or maybe so no one steals it. Either way. What a great back to school steal!

And they say there are HUNDREDS of abandoned bikes each year! People! If you don't want it give it to me and I'll donate it to someone who needs it! Don't just leave it behind. Sheesh.

So August 20th and 27th there will be an online sale. You need your My Parking Account info to log into the sale. Plus the new (to you) bike will automatically be registered to you so if its stolen they can trace it back to you when its recovered.

Get the details on the sale here. And can someone give me their info so I can buy a cheap bike please?


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