I'm not sure most people lose sleep over being defriended on Facebook. It's like, 'Oh no, my old coworker from 1998 doesn't want to look at my vacation photos anymore! How will I survive?'

But if you do worry about it, researchers at Arizona State University used focus groups and studies to come up with these ten SCIENTIFICALLY-PROVEN rules to keep people from defriending you on Facebook.

Check 'em out:

#1.)  Return the favor. When someone posts on your wall or comments on your photo, you're expected to respond.

#2.)  No disrespectful postings. You shouldn't publicly write anything negative on Facebook about one of your friends.

#3.)  Think before you post. Think about the negative impact a post could have on someone.  Like, if a friend of yours is home on workers' comp, don't post a photo of him wrestling a bear.

#4.)  Don't repost. If someone deletes something you posted on their wall or untags a photo, don't repost it.

#5.)  Don't rely on Facebook to replace real communication. You should tell your real friends big news before you post it on Facebook.  Like whether you're pregnant.

#6.)  Be honest.

#7.)  Don't be an addict. Don't be the person who posts so much that it becomes over the top.

#8.)  Protect yourself. Don't post information that could be used against you.

#9.)  Use common sense. Think before you post...your friends don't want to feel bad for you because you post something incredibly stupid, like negative information about your boss, or a photo of you committing a crime.

#10.)  Don't put your friends' jobs in jeopardy. Think about how your friend will look to their boss or a potential employer before you post something potentially-damaging on their wall.