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The Terry County Sheriff's Office has confirmed that on Friday, February 26th, a suspect in a murder that happened in Meadow, Texas was found dead in his jail cell.

KAMC News reports that back in November of 2020, the TCSO received reports of an unresponsive man. That man, later identified as 57-year-old Joe Casarez of Meadow, was found dead in his home. It wasn't made immediately clear how he died. In fact, officials still haven't confirmed the cause of death. All that has been said is that Casarez was "deceased of non-natural causes."

20-year-old Dakota Chance Brannan and 21-year-old Brittany Ann Trevino were both located and arrested in Crosby County for capital murder. Their arrest occurred around 2 days after Casarez's body was located. Any evidence that linked Brannan and Trevino to the crime hasn't been revealed publicly, nor do we know any potential connections between the suspects and the victim.

Brannan, who was in a single cell by himself, was found dead Friday morning. It also hasn't been revealed publicly exactly how Brannan died. It hasn't been said whether or not Brannan's death was from natural causes, a suicide or if another party is responsible. The Texas Rangers are still investigating the incident.

Trevino remains in the Terry County Jail on charges of murder and burglary of a habitation with an intent to commit another felony. She is being held on bonds totaling $1,000,000.

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