It really says something that the residents as an assisted living facility are living their best life better than I am! Residents at the Wesley House Assisted Living Facility have found a way to beat the pandemic blues. The facility, located in North Central Texas between Waco, Corsicana and Waxahachie, treated some of their residents to a happy hour complete with wine coolers and tattoos! That sounds like my kind of happy hour!

The wine coolers were Seagram's and the tattoos were temporary. Adding the pictures to their Facebook page, with the caption: "This quarantine has got us going wild! Had a few drinks and got tattoos!" the residents were full of smiles as they showed off their new body art with their drinks in their hands! The post garnered over 16,000 comments and over 100,000 shares.

Speaking to KSAT in San Antonio, Wesley House officials said they have 30 residents who are mostly independent. Since the lockdown, most of them had to make big changes so the quarantine, although for their safety, has not been easy for them. The happy hour post then prompted another fun activity:

Now, thanks to over 100,000 shares, Susie will be getting a pie to the face on Friday, August 21st, live on Facebook! You can check out the event here, and check out the cool pictures of the residents with their tattoos below!

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