I guess she would have let you into the country, but she was was going to put you to work.

Over in Laredo, Texas, an investigation has been underway for a U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent. 40-year-old Rhonda Lee Walker has been accused of conspiring to bring a woman into the country illegally. Rhonda signed a plea agreement the other day and it looks like she has admitted to the crimes.

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Back in January, Rhonda allegedly used a coworker's computer to help get this woman clearance to the Laredo entry of the United States. Attorney Jennifer Lowery said that, "Walker intended for the woman to illegally enter the country and work for her as a housekeeper and nanny. Walker also lied to authorities. She falsely stated Trevino was her biological aunt and denied processing her entry or employing her in her home.”

The plea agreement that Rhonda signed has dropped the charges of felony counts of illegally transporting the woman into the U.S. and lying to investigators. However, Rhonda still could face up to ten years in prison for other charges. We will see what happens when she goes to court in August for her sentencing.

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