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When I sip a crisp, refreshing beer, I often wonder to myself: "This is great, but it would be vastly improved if it reminded more of a hot dog."

That is not true, because that is gross.

However, Oskar Blue's seasonal release of French's Yellow Mustard actually falls in the 'not knocking it until I try it' category. My reasoning is that another Texas brewery made an equally unlikely, yet absolutely delicious beer: Martin House Brewery's Best Maid Pickle Beer. If only we had a wiener-flavored beer, we'd have the whole hot dog.

According to their website, Mustard Beer was created in honor of National Mustard Day and is a "semi-tart tropical beer infused with citrus fruits to compliment French's Yellow Mustard."

Food reviewer Caitlin Gallagher recently tried the beer and describes it as such:

It's very tart and has a sharp mustard flavor that hits you right away and lingers after each sip — but that's the thing, it does taste like mustard so the entire experience is just . . . weird? I took a few sips and enjoyed it, but I definitely wouldn't be able to down a whole glass. I will say, though, that it was a lot more enjoyable when you sip on it while eating pretzels.

Personally, I wouldn't invest in a 6-pack unless I had five other people to drink it. But I would down a sixer of pickle beer, so it's entirely possible I'm speaking too soon.


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