Suddenly I want to buy a six pack and support these guys.

Breweries, wineries, and bars can still not open back up in Texas. Let's be honest, people have not stopped going out to drink. They're just spending more time in restaurants drinking or going to a bar that is now established itself as a 'restaurant'. None of these places have anything from the Governor as to when they will be allowed to open back up.

Over in Austin, Infamous Brewing is trying to do something. They have a tasting room that just reopened this week as a 'restaurant'. However, they know other breweries and wineries throughout the state that can't do that. They think wineries and breweries should have different regulations rather than hold them to the rules created to regulate 51% establishments that sell hard liquor.

"I’ve been in contact with other brewers, and we’ve all called and emailed. … We’ve done everything we can, but the people Abbott hasn’t heard from are the consumers,” Josh Horowitz, Infamous' "ring leader" told the Current. “We always put some dumb-ass saying on the bottom of the can, so yesterday I said, ‘Why don’t we put Gov. Abbott’s hotline number on bottom for this run?’”

"No matter what changes they make to the rules at this stage in the game, we’ll continue this campaign to change the classification of what a brewery or winery is versus what a bar is," Horowitz said. "We’ve been doing it right and making sure everyone is safe. There’s no reason we shouldn’t have been open.”

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