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What are employees able to get away with at work or while working from home? According to a new study, most employers are now monitoring what employees do online, and if that's accurate, it means employees can't get away with very much these days.

According to KXAN, a study done earlier in the year shows that 78% of employers reported "using employee monitoring software to track employee performance and/or online activity".

So-called "tattleware" has exploded in use during the COVID-19 pandemic and it's likely not going to end anytime soon. More and more people are working from home and that means many bosses out there want to keep up with what employees are spending their time on. One company in Texas, ActiveOps designs this the type of software and believes that it has good uses, but CEO Spencer O'Leary told KXAN that companies can abuse it.

“Some organizations have decided they want to measure every second of every minute of every day of an employees’ working time,” he said. “They’re the type of organization that wants to entrap their workforce.”

Unsurprisingly, employees don’t like this.

That same survey that tracked how many employers monitor employees online found that 59% report feeling stress and/or anxiety about their employers doing just that.

I don't think this type of software is going away anytime soon and if some people are correct, that work from home will become a new trend post-COVID that many want to stick with, we will probably hear about other monitoring software that goes beyond what we are seeing today. Face it, the boss wants to know what you are doing while you are on the clock. And it doesn't matter if you are in the office or the home office. Just don't get caught doing something really dumb online.

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