No need to panic here, but Texas could have one less brand to chose from on the ice cream isle soon.

The warning has been issued, and I'm not sure which one needs to hear it, Ben or Jerry, but if they don't change their stance soon on selling ice cream in Israel, they won't be able to sell their ice creamy goodness here in Texas either.


FOX Business is reporting that Texas may join the growing list of U.S. States that are banning the sale of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream following the company's announcement to pull its ice cream brand in "Occupied Palestinian Territory."

Arizona and New Jersey are already taking steps to stop selling the brand in their states.

Glenn Hegar, the Texas State Comptroller, says Texas may pull the popular brand of ice cream if they find that they've violated the state’s "boycott Israel" laws.


Texas Law is very clear on this issue as detailed in Chapter 808, which bars companies from refusing business or taking "any action that is intended to penalize, inflict economic harm on or limit commercial relations" with Israel.

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Hegar released a statement on Thursday addressing the issue, saying, "Texans have made it very clear that they stand with Israel and its people, we oppose actions that could undermine Israel's economy and its people."

The ice cream company has said they will still sell ice cream in Israel, but said it would be "through a different arrangement."


Don't get me wrong here. I enjoy a nice pint of Half Baked Froyo but here in the great state of Texas we have our own brand of ice cream, Blue Bell.

Seems Hegar agrees saying, "Texans have better options for a sweet treat this summer. Blue Bell was founded in Brenham, Texas, and, for my money, tastes much better than the stuck-up stuff made by a foreign-owned company started in Vermont."  

I mean, he ain't lyin'!

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