Brady Knowlton is very hands-on when it comes to noodling.

The 30-year-old Texan is pushing the state legislature to pass a bill which would make it legal to noodle, which is fishing with your hands.

Knowlton tells The Wall Street Journal he loves "the heebie-jeebies you get underwater, in the dark, with this little sea monster biting you." He also says that when he first tried noodling 15 years ago his arm resembled "the first stage of a chili recipe."

Knowlton's bill passed through the state house without much opposition, but getting it to become law sure won't be as easy as hook, line and sinker. The law, which is now in the state Senate, has met opposition from those who believe noodling is unfair, since they don't have a chance to get away when people grab their burrows. Those planted in the anti-noodling camp say when fish are presented with the traditional hook, they have the choice to bite it or just swim away.

Check out videos of people noodling below.

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