I know how brutally cold it is out there today. A lot of Texans are without power and struggling to stay warm. Do not do this to heat up your residence.

Over in Houston on Monday, the Cy Fair fire department was called out to an apartment complex. Turns out a family of six was using a charcoal grill to heat their apartment and they began to suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning. Four of the individuals in the house were children. One of the adults is said to be in critical condition along with one child as well.

The fire department urges people to never run a generator or grill inside a home, as it can produce deadly levels of carbon monoxide. If you're struggling to stay warm due to a loss of power in your home. Some warming shelters have opened in Wichita Falls. We have four in total in the link above.

The city of Wichita Falls also announced this afternoon that the MPEC would be turned into a temporary relief station. Individuals may come and go as needed to temporarily hydrate and warm up via the West entrance of the MPEC. You can get more info here.

Please be safe out there over the next few days. We're not expected to get above freezing temperatures until Friday and another round of snow is supposed to start this afternoon into tonight as well. The highways maybe clear (as of me typing this), but side streets are still very slick. Please take some caution if you do have to be out.

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