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Fishermen in Port Aransas, Texas had the time of their life pulling in a whopping 876-pound bluefin tuna. The catch took 9 hours total to reel in. Sheesh!

The Houston Chronicle says that the tuna was 121 inches long, which, to put it into perspective, is about twice the height of actor Danny DeVito. How I knew that DeVito was only 4'10" is a mystery, but I checked myself across the internet.

Fisherman Troy Lancaster told the Chron: "The head on the thing, it’s as big as the hood of your car."

Can you imagine being up close to a fish that size? I'd totally flip s#*!.

This fish fought like a champ and even tried to throw off the fisherman a time or two, but they persisted. The men started pulling the tuna in at 9:30 a.m. nd didn't get it up alongside the boat until 6:30 p.m. They took turns pulling and hydrating themselves so they wouldn't get too worn out.

When asked whether or not they were going to sell the gargantuan Bluefin Tuna, Lancaster told FOX26, "No, we pretty much just gave it to our friends and family and the crew and everybody." That's really special and not something that we would all do. Some bluefin tuna can fetch as much as $200 per pound. A 612-pound bluefin was sold for $3 million dollars at a Tokyo auction in 2019.

What an incredible day on the water. Congratulations to these guys on an amazing catch. I can't imagine the excitement they felt, and to share that impressive catch with family and friends was a very generous sentiment indeed.

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