In this day and age, there is pretty much a service for everything. Rides from strangers (Uber, Lyft), check. Groceries delivered to your door, check. Message on a potato delivery, check. Wedding out of a back of a van for $129, check. The list can truly go on, but we'll stop here: professional cuddles from strangers.

Actually, they are called professional cuddlers and if done right, you can rake in a pretty penny.

Janet Trevino, a professional cuddler and mom out of San Antonio, recently spoke about her profession with mySA and divulged information on her weekly paycheck - $1,600.

These cuddle sessions are strictly platonic and non-sexual. The 37-year-old mother of four said some customers have tested the limits during sessions, but she's never felt threatened and has yet to feel compelled to cancel for her safety. She began her new full-time profession last September and according to mySA, she has a clientele of 50 people with more than 220 hours of cuddle time.

Each one-hour session runs $80  - it appears to be the standard rate in the market. Trevino, who is a Certified Professional Cuddler at is one of six certified cuddlers in the state of Texas, which helps explain how she can rack up $1,600 per week. No one is in the market. YET!

Since she's based out of San Antonio, you probably won't be able to request a session with her but it might still be worth a shot.

There are two certified cuddlers based out of Dallas though - not too far if you're looking for non-sexual cuddling.

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