Parents are speaking out about an incident that allegedly happened in October. The family is speaking out now because nothing is happening.

Over in San Antonio, some parents are choosing to remain anonymous about an incident with their sophomore son that happened on October 21, 2019. It looks like their son was talking to one of his teammates about a play they were about to run. Warren High School Head Coach Jeff Robbins had told the players to take a knee and their son apparently didn't hear this.

According to their son, Coach Jeff Robbins then allegedly kicked the back of their son's knee causing his leg to buckle. Their son was then in extreme pain and couldn't practice anymore. Medical records from an MRI taken the week of the alleged incident detail a stress fracture below the teen’s right knee. According to a second medical expert, it could take between 6 and 9 months for the boy’s leg to heal.

The school district released the following statement: “Northside ISD Employee Relations and the Northside ISD Police Dept. are committed to conducting a thorough investigation in to the allegations presented against this employee,” said Barry Perez, a NISD spokesperson. “We have also cooperated fully with the investigation being conducted by Child Protective Services (CPS). Our priority is to ensure that this multi-agency investigation is conducted appropriately. While all agencies conduct their investigation, the employee remains on paid administrative leave.”

"We think they were trying to cover it up,” said the player’s mother. “All of the coaching staff was on the field. All the trainers were on the field. We just don't understand why it's been 10 weeks that nothing has been done."

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