More like Stripping Springs, am I right?

Maybe it was the heat of the moment that got to this guy. A parent at a Dripping Springs school board meeting stripped down to his undies while discussing masks.

According to a report from the Dripping Springs Century News, James Akers is a 15 year resident and a parent of a high schooler in the Dripping Springs Independent School District. Akers was attending a school board meeting on Monday that was originally intended to review the agenda for next week's meeting, but would eventually turn into a discussion on the district's current mask-optional stance.

Things started G-rated with parents telling the school board officials to focus on education and not mask mandates, but Akers had a different opinion and decided he needed to let everybody know how he felt while using his 90-second allotted time to strip down.

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Akers decided that the best way to describe his opinion would be to take his clothes off while talking about the things he dislikes, but has to deal with anyway.

“I do not like the government or any other entity, just ask my wife, telling me what to do. At work, they make me wear this jacket. I hate it. They make me wear this shirt and tie. I hate it.”

Akers then takes off his jacket, shirt and tie.

“On the way over here, I ran three stop signs and four red lights, I almost killed somebody out there, but by God, they’re my roads too. So I have every right to drive as fast as I want to, make the turns that I want to. I got over here to the school today and the parking lot was full and I decided I was going to park wherever the hell I wanted to — which, in this case, happened to be a handicap [spot].”

Akers continued with “It’s simple protocol, people. We follow certain rules for a very good reason,” while taking his pants off.

Fortunately he kept his underwear on, and police officers that were on-site did not remove Akers. Instead, Board President Barbara Stroud asked Akers to put his clothes back on, which he did while also fist bumping one of the officers that approached him.

No arrests were made and no mandate for masks were decided on either.

KXAN-TV reports that masks are currently optional in the district.

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