When you're out there in the world and somebody calls you a "football guy," that means you have some toughness.

You're wearing short sleeves in a snow storm? Football guy.

You play the season with a torn ACL and still throw for 50+ touchdowns? You're BJ Symons...and a football guy.

Every football guy has to start somewhere, and I think we've found a pretty good starting point here with this kid who wrote that his favorite place was a football field and his favorite field was Jones AT&T Stadium.


Here is the whole letter about football fields, with cute typos intact:

"My Favirate place is a football field. I like it because I can play football at it. I also like it because I can have fun at the field. I like to spend time with my family there. I like to spend time with my friends. I realy realy realy like to takle. (football guy) My favirat football stadium is in Lubbock. It is very very very big. It can hold a bunch of people. It is realy tall. It is close to things. It is a fun place. It is very loud. It has aboanch of ecko. It is very stretched out. You have to walk a long way. Sometimes it can get hot. Football is speacal to me."

As I wipe a solitary tear from my cheek after that beautiful prose, all I can say is that the future is in good hands. I hope that The Jones is echoing across Lubbock this season because it's so loud, and not because it's empty.

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