Due to ongoing renovations of the seating area at Jones AT&T Stadium, Texas Tech Football is holding their annual Spring Game in Midland at Grande Communications Stadium.

The Spring Game will be this Saturday, March 28, and kick off at 11am. Admission and parking are free at Grande Communications Stadium.  Grande seats 15,000 and has additional open seating for 3,000 more spectators. 2015 is the third consecutive year Texas Tech Football has staged a practice/Spring Game in Midland.

If you're not able to attend the game, a webcast will be online at TexasTech.TV

The Spring Game is expected to be played in the Offense/Defense format used by Texas Tech for a number of years. The offense scores points in the traditional manner of touchdowns, field goals and extra points; while the defense scores points for sacks, turnovers and return touchdowns.

The current roster for Texas Tech Football can be downloaded by clicking this link.

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