According to Money Magazine's annual rankings of the Best Colleges In America, Texas Tech has jumped from #271 to #242! Out of more than 3,000 American schools that's pretty high. And Top 10 in Texas to boot.

Money Magazine's rankings are determined by a lot of different factors like graduation rates, tuition charges, alumni earnings and many more. And Texas Tech has jumped almost 30 spots higher in the country this year.

And while you may automatically think the top 10 would all be Ivy League level institutions, you'd be way off. the top 10 American schools with the best bang for your buck are:

1. Princeton

2. UC-San Diego

3. UC-Irvine


5. Stanford

6. MIT

7. UC-Berkeley

8. CUNY-Bernard M Baruch College

9. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

10. University of Michigan

The top Texas school is Rice at #13 and A&M at #17, although I don't know if I believe that A&M one bit. UT hits at #27 and there aren't any more Texas schools in the top 100. Texas TEch is actually #7 in all of Texas after some much smaller schools, Trinity and St. Mary's in San Antonio and UT Dallas.

So congrats Red Raiders for a nice jump, and for the big schools in Texas coming out at essentially #4, its not bad for Lubbock one bit.

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