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Matt Wells replaced a Texas Tech legend as head coach. Love him or hate him, the Kingsbury name is undoubtedly intertwined with Texas Tech as a player, ambassador and coach. That might seem like big shoes to fill for Wells, who isn't a Texas Tech alum, but you honestly can't even tell much of a difference.

Wells has jumped in headfirst to the culture of West Texas, and I'm pretty sure he's burned every piece of clothing he owned that didn't have a Double T on it. He's also made an incredible effort to include former players, which is something pre-Kingsbury regimes really struggled with.

Wells has picked up where Kingsbury left off and really moved forward, with the help of Double T Varsity Club Director Rodney Allison, and leaned into Texas Tech football's rich history of quality former players.

Two such stars took time out of their quarantine to join the current batch of players to impart great wisdom to the group of 2020 Red Raiders: Zach Thomas and Wes Welker. Red Raider and NFL legends both.

Welker, who has now made a Super Bowl as a player and a coach with three different franchises, talked to the offensive players, while Thomas spoke to the Texas Tech defense, who've showed improvement against the run last season. That's one of Thomas' specialties.

In the grand scheme of things, this is a small thing. But if Texas Tech wants to see success on the field, they have to be successful off the field. That starts with learning how to do that, and it's something both Welker and Thomas are experts in.

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