The Brand's second episode was all about the offense. If you missed the first episode that had people fired up, then you certainly have some watching to do as you catch up with the first two 20-minute episodes of the four-episode run.

You can watch the entire episode above, but the highlights definitely include being able to hear a perspective from all three quarterbacks in contention for the starting job. Both Donovan Smith and Behren Morton feel like the backups to Tyler Shough at this juncture, but all three talked like they had a firm grasp of the offense.

The word of the episode was definitely "aggressive" and it was repeated by all of the quarterbacks, the head coach and the offensive coordinator. We also got a glimpse into Kenny Perry's mind and the running backs as both SaRodorick Thompson and Tahj Brooks talked about the mental aspect that Coach Perry is trying to improve in their games.

Myles Price once again looked like a leader and is the lone player to be spotlighted in both episodes so far.

The most intriguing part of Episode 2 might have been the tight ends coach who reiterated that the tight ends were an extension of the offensive line. Henry Teeter spoke on behalf of the tight ends room and also talked about the importance of run blocking and being nasty at the point of attack.

The next episode was teased at the end and will focus on the defense.

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