When people talked about the Titanic, they said it was a modern marvel. A ship that couldn't be sunk. Then, it sunk.

History is repeating itself as one of the unsinkable college football programs has hit an iceberg and is apparently going under.

The University of Texas was once on top of the world, and, with Heisman Trophies and National Championships behind them, Ricky Williams and Vince Young are now analysts on the Longhorn Network.

Vince Young is as good as an analyst as Tyrone Swoopes is at being quarterback. Swoopes proved that in week one when he and the Longhorns were three and out machines, scoring just three points against Notre Dame.

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The Longhorns have been on a steady decline since Garret Gilbert came in for an injured Colt McCoy when they played in the National Championship game for the 2009 season. Former head coach Mack Brown floundered in his final season, and current head coach Charlie Strong is picking up right where he left off.

That is not to say that the University of Texas is reaching a Kansas Jayhawk-level on the football field, but they are definitely below the expectations of the billion-dollar boosters in Austin.

There is also a this guy named Steve Patterson, who seems to love watching the ship sink - or at least is playing a part in helping it sink.

I know that Texas will be good again someday, but for now it's entertaining to watch the once-unsinkable ship go slowly into the dark deep abyss.

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