I watched a little of the 4th On Broadway parade yesterday. Very little.I think I saw more of the parade on friend's Facebook pictures than I did in person. Which brings me to this question.

There was obvious police presence at all of the festivities. I think that's important to feel safe and secure at large public events. But how much security is too much? I ask because my friend posted a picture of a police officer holding an assault rifle on the street in the middle of the crowds. Its the main picture I used for this blog.

Which brings me to my question. Was it necessary for our police to carry the bigger weapons while on foot patrol in the middle of the large crowds? Did it make you feel safer? Less safe? Did you even notice?

I'm not trying to start an argument about the 2nd amendment here or anything so don't go off the rails here. I'm just interested in whether or not people were made to feel better or worse with our more heavily armed police in the crowds, or if you even noticed.

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