Lubbock is statistically a more dangerous city than most large metros in Texas. Per capita, we have more crime. That's just a numerical fact. But have you ever looked at how much crime we actually have? This map will show you, and it is shocking.

The Lubbock Police Department has an interactive crime map of Lubbock. You can filter it by dates, or certain crimes, or all kinds of different metrics. So I did a simple filter to see all the crime from last month (November 2018).


In those 30 days, we had way more crime than I would have ever guessed. This screenshot shows the total crimes in Lubbock in November, 2018.

city Of Lubbock, LPD
City Of Lubbock, LPD

Yes, that's just the crime from one month in Lubbock. Its pretty crazy when you look at it like this.

In case you wanted to check out the map for yourself, I've embedded it below and you can play around for yourself. Search for your neighborhood crimes, or by specific crimes reported, or anything you want. Then, lock your doors and hide under your couch because apparently it's purge time in Lubbock.

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