I'm not one for garage sales usually. But I saw this one on Facebook and thought I'd check it out. I've never seen so much stuff! Have you ever seen that show "Hoarders"? Its like that, but its stuff you actually might want.

A friend of mine on Facebook is holding this sale. And she posted about how her mother had spent her college money on junk. She wasn't lying. This house is full of stuff. And by stuff I mean 20 different full sets of silver lined china dinner sets. Yes the real stuff. 15 or more sets of silverware, actual silver forks and spoons and things, in wooden storage boxes, with over 80 pieces each. 5-10 of all kinds of different things because someone thought they were a collector. Dozens of Barbies. Tons of clothes. Boxes and boxes of what looked like over 100 pairs of shoes and boots, lots of it never worn because you can't wear that many shoes.

Its kind of ridiculous when you look at it. That's why I took a bunch of pictures. You should drop by because the stuff they have out right now is maybe 1/10th of all the stuff. And the more they get rid of the more they bring out. Its a house full of stuff, lots of it collectible and possibly valuable too.

The sale is all weekend at 5511 20th St near Chicago by LCU. Check out my photo gallery here.


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