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The brand new Lubbock restaurant The Nicolett is getting set to open soon at 511 Broadway, and they're rolling out early with some incredible looking baked goods.

This is the final weekend of their bake sale at Two Docs Brewing Company (502 Texas Avenue), according to The Nicolett's Facebook page.

The baked goods they have pictured on their page look pretty amazing, and the offer for pre-order is probably a great and advisable idea.

This is the invitation they posted:

Announcing the final weekend of The Nicolett Bake Sale at Two Docs Brewing Co. ! Don't miss your chance to snag your favorite breads, pastries, pickles, and preserves. Place your order by Friday at 5 pm, or come see what we have available Saturday from 1-3 pm.

This is the link to follow for online pre-order. It includes their orange bread, impressive Irish stout sourdough, brioche rolls, and more. They're respectfully artisan-priced, and some are already selling out.

We look forward to seeing The Nicolett open soon here in Lubbock. Rolling out this bake sale sampling is a delicious idea.

In addition to their breads, pastries, pickles and preserves, they have their own wine. It's a house red that's been bottled by McPherson Cellars. It's a Rhone-style blend that they say they'll be pouring for us when they open.

Pastries, wine and more, The Nicolett also has Texas Tech alum Chef Finn Walter at the helm, according to Lubbock in the Loop. We wish them the very best success as they prepare to open their new Lubbock eatery.

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