The cast of "Glee" has smashed Elvis Presley’s long-standing record for the most appearances on "Billboard's" Hot 100 chart.  The Hot 100 began in 1958…so that record dates back 52 YEARS.

From 1958 through 2003, Elvis amassed 108 entries on the Hot 100.  (Elvis died in 1977.)  But now, with SIX new entries on the most recent chart, the "Glee" cast has surpassed that mark, with 113.

Elvis' career began before 1958, so his total is smaller than it could have been.  Not that it would have mattered.

It took 45 years for Elvis to get 108, which would seem unbeatable for a "legitimate" band.  But legitimacy aside, it took "Glee" just one year and eight months to crush it.

As you may know, "Glee" is achieving all this by releasing digital singles the day after the songs debut on the show.  However, unlike the more "legitimate" acts, "Glee's" songs rarely remain on the chart for more than a week.

James Brown is now third on the list of Hot 100 entries with 91.  Then Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin follow with 74 and 73, respectively.  The Beatles are next with 67, although they are now tied with Lil Wayne.  We live in strange times.