In a recent Facebook post the City of Lubbock says it wants you to get yourself tested for STD's. Of course this is after ANOTHER report of Lubbock having a super high STD rate. Timing is not their strong suit.

Lubbock has consistently had super high STD rates. And when I say super high, I mean we have been tops in the entire country for how many STD's we pass around before. We even have our very own signature Raider Rash as the kids have called it for decades. Yes, decades. Raider Rash has been around since I went to Texas Tech, and that was a long time ago.

So I guess its a positive step, ok maybe positive isn't the proper term here, but its a good step that the city is pretending to care about STD rates in Lubbock. I say pretending because everybody, except Texas politicians, seems to understand that proper sex health education is one of the biggest factors in reducing both STD rates and teen pregnancies. But Texas laws have mostly pushed for abstinence-only education and therefore our rates of BOTH teen pregnancies AND STD's are higher than most parts of AMERICA!

So stay stupid Lubbock, but get tested so you know if you've been stupid? I guess? Raider Rash affects everybody, so if you feel a little tingle or itch, have the pros check you out before you share it with someone you love.

And just a heads up, do NOT do a Google image search for syphilis unless you're mentally prepared for what will pop up. Gross.

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