I've been hearing rave reviews about the Farm To Fork Gastro Truck for weeks now. And they're getting an actual building location now to add to their restaurant success.

Farm To Fork is usually parked in the Drug Emporium parking lot near 82nd and Slide. I see them there all the time and have always wanted to stop and get some food, but was on a mission and busy for some reason. Now we'll all have plenty of time to get some FTF because they are launching a standing restaurant in the shopping center at Ransom Canyon. So bonus, you can have a scenic drive after dinner too. Sounds like a great date night to me! Hopefully they still pull the truck out though in case I can't make it all the way out there.

Plus Chef Antonio Pena uses local farm ingredients as much as possible from west Texas farms so you know where your food is coming from too. That's something too many people overlook these days.

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