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It was a bumpy and bruising campaign for those who ran in the Republican Primary election, and for those who had runoff elections the path was even longer. If you were a voter in House District 84 you couldn't run or hide from the battle between Carl Tepper and David Glasheen.

On Tuesday night, Tepper won the House District 84 seat by winning 59 percent of the vote in the Republican runoff. Tepper will not face a Democratic candidate in November.

Many of us in Texas HD 84 will remember The Great Lubbock Political Mailer War for a long time. Day after day, mailer after mailer, it never stopped. Attack ads against Tepper and attack ads against Glasheen, like clockwork, arrived in our mailboxes sometimes two or three at a time. The above picture doesn't even do justice to just how many mailers those of us in HD 84 received during the Republican primary fight.

Some of these mailers we received were also just ridiculous in size. Every campaign has mailers that are small and would even hang on your door if you wanted. But in the Tepper vs. Glasheen race, we saw fliers that were huge in size. Some were so big that the mailperson would have to fold the mailer over and over again just to fit three in with in the mailbox along with the other junk that came in.

One day I received five pieces in the mail combined from the two candidates in the House District 84 race. Now don't get me wrong, David Glasheen and Carl Tepper weren't the only candidates sending out mailers. At times I would be shocked to see  mailers from Tom Brummett, Wayne Christian and Dawn Buckingham, but those were few and far between.

Now that the primary is over, the political mailers that once dominated space in our mailboxes and trash cans are done. Instead, we can look forward to just seeing the good old-fashioned junk mail and bills that we're used to. That is, until at least October when we get closer to the November general election. Then the political mailers return, but I'd be shocked if we see anything like the Glasheen/Tepper mailer battle.

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