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During a regularly scheduled meeting with the Electric Utility Board, Lubbock Power & Light Director David McCalla announced his intention to retire in February of 2022.

McCalla has been in the electric utility industry for 41 years now, only recently serving as Director of Electric Utilities for LP&L since September of 2014. Before that, he served as the General Manager of Greenville Electric Utility System for 8 years.

It was said in a press release that McCalla graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Dan Odom, Electric Utility Board Chairman, said this in regard to McCalla's retirement:

David McCalla served in his role as Director with wisdom and integrity since his arrival in 2014 and will be sorely missed by all of us. David’s expertise and decision-making guided us through a very difficult time of transition and the result of his leadership is a utility that is stronger today than in almost any time in its 100 year history.  We thank David for his leadership and we will always be grateful for the great work he did for Lubbock Power & Light.

Now, the LP&L Electric Utility Board will begin their nationwide search for McCalla's replacement. This process will begin immediately in order to have a new director by McCalla's intended retirement in February of 2022.

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